A snowman defiled and Frosty's revenge.


WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: Which begs the question from a bioethicist: is it time for "fat shaming"? Thenanigans will now stand aside and dodge the ding-dongs.

WANT: If nobody else steps up, send them our way. We're only somewhat kidding.

MORE OF THIS PLEASE: Thenanigans spent years waiting tables. That's probably why we hate people. But not this guy. This guy is aces.



PLAGUE ON EARTH: It is us. Thenanigans, sadly, agrees with Sir Attenborough's assessment. Wait, was than an acceptable Oxford Comma?

MISNOMER OF ALL MISNOMERS: This right here is horrifying. And no lectures on cultural differences please. It is simply barbaric.

SO THIS IS OFFICIALLY A THING: Extortion via Yelp. Once again, in case you missed it, we pretty much hate people.



DON'T BE LIKE THIS GUY: Frozen stiffy. Just when we think we've sunk about as low as we can as a species, we dig in even deeper. Or this guy (4th paragraph FOR THE WIN). But this? All we can say is TA-DA!

STFU OF THE DAY: I'd bust out the tiny violin but it is not worth the trouble. You want privacy? Then don't pen a ridiculous column like this in the Washington Post. You lady, are an asshat.

JUST BECAUSE: If you haven't seen this, you must. And if you have, you totally want to see it again.  One of the best interwebs gems ever.