Such Great Heights and one ginormous stool.


INSPIRATION OR VILLAIN? The Ray Lewis debate is underway. We probably align ourselves with the third point but we are less dismissive of the second than this guy.

Le PEW: Bust out the industrial strength Beano.

SUCH GREAT NEWS! The Postal Service are coming back. This collaboration between Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Jimmy Tamborello released one glorious album in 2003. It remains one of thenanigans' essential desert island discs. With the tenth anniversary right around the corner, we will get a chance to hear some previously unreleased music. Here's the video for "Such Great Heights" (a song Iron And Wine covered spectacularly on an ep from the band).

THE GREAT DIVIDE: Because if there is one way we are to end the extreme partisan divide that is poisoning this country, it is by isolating ourselves from everyone we disagree with.

OH CRAP: No, really. Apparently, it is the stuff of legend.

WELL THAT'S JUST TERRIFIC: As if we didn't have enough types of cholesterol to worry about. It's getting ugly.



NICKEL AND DIMING US TO DEATH: Do you use your credit card to rack up reward points? Yeah, that might not be worth it beginning Sunday.  Retailers can start charging you a fee for using that particular type of plastic - in person and on-line.

OH THAT'S NASTY: No, seriously. What. The. Feck.

ON THE CONTRARY: Offered without comment.