Blue things, white monsters and orange terror.

BLUE THINGS 1: firefly+squid+beachfirefly+squid

Firefly squid. They're for real. And just one more example of how effing cool Mother Nature is.

HEY LADIES: My pals at, the affordable men's style experts, have created a really helpful site for the ladies. It's called Full Clutch, and it is loaded with smart, sophisticated style for the fairer sex. (For the record, thenanigans is an occasional contributor to

HISTORICAL TREATISE OF THE DAY: Pooping at the Opera in 19th Century London. No, really. It's all scholarly and sh#@..



WELL YOU DON'T SAY: The best part of this story isn't even the most obvious.

THE BROWSER WARS: Microsoft is about to go there again after all of the success they had last time. /sarcasm.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: And I point and laugh.



Recently spotted in Russia. A white orca. See more here.

KONY 2012: Progress. This is a good thing.

COMMON SENSE: We need a whole lot more of it. Specifically, we could start by fixing this.



Everytime I see this photograph it stops me in my tracks. Can something be beautiful and horrifying at the same time? This photo is called "Elk Bath" and it was taken by John McColgan in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, United States

COMMUTING RAYS: Science learns a little bit more about one of my favorite sea critters. Manta Rays fascinate me. They can have a wing-span of 25 feet. They are gentle, inquisitive and so very, very beautiful. And they get around.


THE MOST DISTASTEFUL THING YOU WILL SEE TODAY: I don't care where you come in on the Trayvon Martin issue, this is just obsene.



The Sumida river runs through Tokyo. For a recent festival, the dropped over 100,000 floating LED lights into the river to great effect. Check out more images over here.