Expressions, repercussions, explosions and more.

BEFORE THERE WAS THIS, THERE WAS THIS: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat%3F(source)

WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: Also, we're jumping on the gravy train to stupidity.

MOOSE VS CAR: A car will never win. Ever. This right here? There are no words.

THE PARENT TEST: We have to pass a test to be able to drive a car. I often wonder if perhaps something similar should happen before one can breed. Here's one reason why.



UNSETTLING HISTORY LESSON OF THE DAY: Well this would have sucked. Yikes.


YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: It's hard to remain calm and sensible when you find a story like this in the context of the current shenanigans in Washington D.C.  Remind me again why a certain political party is about to break their word to the American people in an attempt to divert money from the poor and give it to the Defense department, which isn't even asking for it? Why again? Anyone?



According to the folks at NASA, this is a type of solar flare that is, in fact, teal-colored. Who knew? If you want specifics, start here.