Mysteries and even more mysteries.

I WOULDN'T EVEN BE SURPRISED: there+are+no+new+ideas+in+hollywood(source)

CULTURAL DIFFERENCES ASIDE...this right here is pretty effed up. Gray-shuss.

MORE POWER TO HIM, ER, HER: This is brave. I tip my hat. The genre of music associated with this artist is not the most forgiving. I wish nothing but the best.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: There are no words.



This is part of one of the more clever examples of public art I've seen in some time. There are more examples over here. Nifty.

NORTH CAROLINA IS FOR HATERS: In their rush to bash the gays, the voters of North Carolina have imperiled straight couples and women and children who, losing their status of being covered for medical care via civil unions, will now be forced to fend for themselves. History will not be kind to us when covering these types of stories, nor should it be. I can only hope that some of the people who voted for this discover first hand the error of their ways. Does that make you uncomfortable? Too bad. Civil rights is not something to be voted on.

PLAN B: Now that she's not a Presidential candidate, Michelle Bachman decides that dual citizenship is the way to go.



HIGH ALTITUDE MYSTERY OF THE DAY: A Russian superjet disappears from radar in mid flight. Rut-ro.

SPEAKING OF MYSTERIES: Things in Peru are going from bad to worse and they really don't know why.

IT'S A MYSTERY TRIFECTA: New York City is full of stories. Here's one of the more interesting.

THE REAL AIR KITTEH: You knew it was coming.