This is just a fly-by.

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WEEKLY COMIC OF NOTE: bwa+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ha+ahh+ha+ha+ha+ha

My pal E.J. Pettinger has been doing Mild Abandon for a number of years now. This is this week's comic. I happened to read it as we were live on air interviewing the editor of the Boise Weekly and I busted out laughing right then and there. He's syndicated in a few alt-weeklies around the country. You can find him on Facebook over here.

YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE: I am sorry that I missed this.

THENANIGANS UPDATE: No nonamom for us. This is probably a good thing.



YOUR LAUGH OUT LOUD OF THE DAY: Three grannies, one Kardashian sex tape. Obviously, there might be content issues.

WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD: She's an oompa loompa.

CHILDHOOD RIP-OFF OF THE DAY: Your favorite playground sucked.



Toastabags. For making grilled cheese sammiches in your toaster without the mess. I am in love. Because pulling out a pan and a spatula is just too much damn work.