Falling bear and fallen heroes.

SPACE PORN OF THE DAY:  wow.+just+wow.

The Lyrid meteor shower over Crater Lake. You really should click here to see this amazing image in all its glory.

ARCHITECTURAL ITEM OF THE DAY: I'd live here in a heartbeat. You have got to check out the bathroom.

ARE YOU A FAN OF THE 4th AMENDMENT? You know, the one that keeps us safe from unauthorized searches by the authorities? Yeah, the US House Of Representatives just killed it off. Why yes, that is hyperbole. And no, there is no little chance of this passing the Senate.

FALLING BEAR: I was told there would be pic-a-nic baskets.


FORE! The most dangerous hole in the game of golf.

THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT US: Prairie Dogs have an advanced vocabulary.   Yup.

PIRATE OF THE DAY: Meet one of the biggest and definitely the oldest movie pirate ever.



I love this recently unearthed image of Gemini-4 astronaut Ed White. It's part of a cache of photographs released by NASA. The Gemini missions weren't as sexy as the Apollo missions or the Mercury missions but they did work out a lot of the technical issues that would make future space flights more manageable. Head on over here to see more. There's a sad postscript to this image: Ed White was one of three astronauts lost in the Apollo 1 fire in 1967.

FAIR AND BALANCED: Not so much, per usual.

BEST BUDDY OF THE DAY: Someone buy this guy a case of beer. What a cool thing to do for your pal.

YES PLEASE: I'm pretty sure the fact that I stared at one of these for hours on end from kindergarten through 8th grade makes me want one now. I'm also sure that there is something kind of wrong with that.