Putting the gif in TGIF.

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts. VIDEO OF THE DAY: 

The 'this guy is coming to town" edition.

The is the first American single by Ed Sheeran. Ed has had a number of hits in the UK which is where he's from. Treasure Valley folks will have the chance to see Ed Sheeran for free this Sunday at 2:00 PM at The Record Exchange. Idaho's 94.9 The River presents Ed's first (and only) performance in the awesome surroundings of one of the best record stores in the country. Get there early for the best place to see the fun.



FOX GUARDING THE HENHOUSE OF THE DAY: What could possibly go wrong.

OLE! I will gladly pay someone to make me a batch of these. I am not even kidding. Please. Seriously. Don't make me beg.

WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Do you have kids? Are you an educator? Someone's favorite Aunt or Uncle? Turn them on to this site right here and become their heroes. For a quick overview head on over here.



DARWIN AWARD WINNER OF THE DAY: One cannot live on sunshine alone. Breatharian fail.

SMUTSVILLE USA: Is your town on this list? Mine is.

THERE ARE SOME NASTY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD: Many of them seem to work for the same organization. For the record, this is not about political ideology. This is about being a dick. Then there's this chump.


SPEAKING OF THE SUN: It's doing some things that has scientists scratching their brainy noggins. Uh oh.

THE UNFRIENDLY SKIES: You have a choice when it comes to choosing an airline. Whatever you do, don't choose these guys.

HARDLY WORTH IT: America traded it's mostly good name and didn't even get a t-shirt. For the record, it wasn't just dirty hippies that had a problem with this policy.