Instant pets and x-ray specs.

SMOKIN' WOLF: lobo(source)

THERE IS SUCH A THING AS TOO evidenced by the totally gnarly fate of this experimental hypersonic military glider.

SADLY...this story will probably not mean much to those of you under a certain age. But for those of us who grew up tantalized by the mysteries found in the back of comic books, this is pretty nifty.

COVER OF THE DAY: More magic from Ingrid Michaelson's new project Army Of 3.

SECRET MENU OF THE DAY: I can't see myself partaking in any of this but you very well might.

SHAKESPEARE'S LITTLE HELPER: A new study suggests that the Bard had a co-writer.

D'OH! So much for that whole eternal thing.



Just one billboard from a new campaign designed to, uh, cheese off a lot of people. Also, to point out certain unpleasant realities about the "good book."

THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD: Some of them work in schools. This is pretty awful.

NORTH KOREA: Yeah, they're really not even trying anymore.

BLOWHARD: I really wish this guy would quietly fade into obscurity. Of course, it might be more fun if he was dragged there kicking and screaming.


UGH: An unseemly story gets worse. Is anyone surprised? Anyone?

SPACE PORN OF THE DAY: The sort-of snowball fight on the rings of Saturn.

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic.

HOW-TO OF THE DAY: How to make perfect McDonald's style french fries at home. Of course, they're still not very healthy.