Yoda & the 99%.

SOON: soon.(source)

STATISTIC OF THE DAY: If you are like thenanigans, you grudgingly click "I AGREE" to any licensing policy prompts that come your way in the course of your digital life. You really can't not agree because then you don't get to listen to your music or create documents or access your bank accounts yadda yadda yadda. Ever wondered how much time it would take to  actually read them? This place figured it out. Yikes.

DIRTY SAINTS: There seems to be a tremendous hullabaloo over this report this morning. There is talk of lawsuits and hyperbolic denials on the part of an NFL team that has suffered some extreme hits to its reputation lately. Thenanignas is not sympathetic.



1969 UCLA commencement ceremony. Lou Alcindor standing tall. Two years later he would change his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

FACEPALM OF THE DAY: This would be laughable if these guys didn't have more weapons than sense. Or, cents for that matter. Oaf.

MEET THE NEW PINK SLIME: Tuna scrape.  It is a sushi thing. I'm not certain that the consumer backlash will be as significant this time because it's not the great American main dish. I could be wrong. It happens all the time.



TERMINATOR TECHNOLOGY: It's coming to the next iPhone. Sort of.

EXTREME DIETING: This seems, uh, nasty. It also says a bit more about where we are as a society than we should be comfortable with.

THE WAR ON WOMEN: It started with this lady. As is the case with many culture warriors, she has a selective memory where facts and context are concerned.



THERE ARE SOME EFFED UP PEOPLE IN THE WORLD: They do scary stuff like this. Good heavens. Sometimes I wonder about Utah.

THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH: Porn changes your brain.

D'OH! The Simpsons had a little message for the folks at FOX News last Sunday night.

COVER OF THE DAY: Yes, I do like this. Can't help myself.