Not one feck.

IT'S BEGINNING TO SOUND A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS: Planning a holiday party this year? Need some good party playlist ideas? Here you go. THIS, EXACTLY:


Not one feck. Charlie Brown has never steered me wrong.

THERE ARE NO WORDS: They really are frightened, hypocritical,  stupid assholes. It's that simple. Emphasis on stupid.

OH HELLS NO: I'm going to go ahead and add this to the list of things I don't want to have happen to me. Ever. Gah.



BILLIONAIRE TANTRUM OF THE DAY: If you can't buy the election, then go whine to lawmakers on the hill. This is why the 99% have their panties in a bunch. Now excuse me while I go rearrange mine. Then there's this.

CONSEQUENCES: Apparently the public is keeping their own naughty and nice list. Papa John's seems to be at the top of the wrong one. Don't laugh Applebee's, you're right behind them. And I see you snickering Denny's. Not so fast there Mr. 3rd place.



OFFERED WITHOUT COMMENT: Because to send you to this with anything other than complete silence on my part would be a very dangerous thing indeed. For the ladies. Also guys, FYI. Then there's this.


OBITUARY OF THE DAY: I'm going to pour a forty for this lil shorty.


O. Winston Link, Silent Night at Seven Mile Ford, Virginia, 1957

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: And I point and laugh.

CONSEQUENCES PART 2: The Original Gangsta Mullet is having a hard time making do in the big house.

MEANWHILE...on Mars.


Do Ho Suh, Floor, 1997-2000 - see more from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

THE GRINCH IS ALIVE AND WELL...and living in Austin Texas. Somebody's getting a rotten apple for Christmas.

WHAT? No drawn butter?

CONSEQUENCES PART 3: Couldn't happen to a nicer couple of guys. And by nicer I mean deserving. And by deserving, I mean had it coming.