A seal in repose at the biker spa and other stories waiting to happen.

THE WELCOME WAGON: sizes(source)

CHUTZPAH: Mark Zuckerberg brings new meaning to the term. That one billion dollar Instagram purchase? Yeah...he was flying solo on that one.

THE STUPID...IT BURNS: How is it that this guy is still around? He's got to hold the record for the dumbest pronouncements ever. Sigh. Then, there's this knucklehead.



NO MORE F***ING! One Austrian town has decided enough is enough.

SHHHH: Don't tell Jenny McCarthy (she wouldn't listen anyway), but autism in America isn't linked to vaccines, but it might be linked to our diets.

PSYCH-OUT OF THE DAY: Looks like a few wisenheimers fouund the weak spot for a particular hockey player. Hilarity ensues.



OH HAMBURGERS: Well this is a pickle.

D'OH! That was a real purty BCS Waterford crystal trophy...while it lasted.

PLAY OF THE DAY: This, as my best pal would say, is something. Wow.



That right there is nightmare fuel. pure and simple.

OH WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN: Kurt was working on a solo record.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A space shuttle fly-by of the Smithsonian Castle.

OFFERED WITHOUT COMMENT: But not without some hearty chortling.

SOON: It will end in tears.