The smirking secretary and the missed connection.

LIGHTING UP THE BAY BRIDGE: lightning+strikes(source)

MISSED CONNECTION OF THE DAY: The woman with the blue hair and the knee high biker boots is looking for the dude with the red mohawk and viper piercings who gave her a little something at the Motorhead show.

FOR HIS NEXT TRICK...this valet will look for a new job. Ouch.

YOUR GEOPOLITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE DAY: Here's everything you need to know about what's happening in North Korea right now, with regards to their failed missle launch. Short version: it's not good.



I'M CONFUSED: Is this nasty or just taking recycling to the ultimate degree?

D-BAG OF THE DAY: Wow. This is astoundingly ignorant. I guess I'm not really surprised given the source.

PERSPECTIVE: This is not your grandfather's GOP.



Best caption submitted via comments scores a new CD from thenanigans freebie stash.  And by best, we mean whichever makes thenanigans laugh the most.

AMY WINEHOUSE IS WAVING HER MAGIC WAND: From the Associated Press - NEW YORK (AP) — Amy Winehouse's father says he spoke to her through a psychic and she approves of how her legacy is being carried out. Mitch Winehouse says his daughter "is fully behind everything that we're doing and she's up in heaven waving her magic wand." He has launched the U.S. branch of The Amy Winehouse Foundation to focus on children without access to music education and music therapy. The first donation is $10,000 to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. Winehouse's father will release a book called "Amy, My Daughter" on June 26, with proceeds to benefit the foundation.



FOUNDING FATHER COLD CASE OF THE DAY: Did you hear the one about the ten bodies in Benjamin Franklin's basement?

SINKHOLES: This Russian town was built on them. This is a problem.

IT PAYS TO ENRICH YOUR WORD POWER: Today you have 19 doozies to embrace, including whoopensnocker, sneetered and larruping. Curiously, doozie is not one of them.