Walking with the wild things.

TWO THINGS: #1 just walking, yes indeed(source)

BULLSPIT: I have a problem with this. This is a great example of why consumers are increasingly at odds with copywrite holders.

WTF OF THE DAY: There are so many questions about this story and these parents and this nanny. The stupid is overwhelming.



NOT GONNA HAPPEN: I can safely say that I will never find myself taking advantage of this form of public transportation. Ever. That is all.

THANKS BUT NO THANKS: Axl says no to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. 

CRICKEY: Mel Gibson is a foul and nasty piece of work. I'm just sayin'.


by the tail(source)

WELL NO DUH: The Newtster sees the light on the fair and balanced folks. Then there's this - bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

THE HOUSE THAT MURDOCH BUILT...continues to lose its foundation as the hacking scandal that has created huge problems for the company makes its way to the states.

PAINTED INTO A CORNER: Thomas Kincaid, painter of light, ower of a ton of money.

BIG BOY HOT WHEELS: Thenanigans inner six year old is so jealous.


A REAL LIFE FOOTLOOSE: In Florida, naturally.

WORD: I guess I've never worked myself into a tizzy over an office app before. But this guy has. And he might be onto something.

D'OH: Well that's embarrassing. It's hard to be Chief Of Police if you aren't gun-certified.



BULLSPIT REDUX: If the cable companies think they're going to get away with this, they are crazier than I ever could imagine. Then again, the people who are still subscribing to cable services deserve what they get.