Caine's Arcade and the $50,000 hedgehog.

THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES: there+will+be+consequences(source)

INTERNET TROLL OF THE DAY: I guess we should give him a break. He's only 13. Then again...that wouldn't be much fun.

THE $50,000 HEDGEHOG: Priorities. I wonder if this guy is rethinking his?

MAYBE THERE IS HOPE FOR US ALL: You need to carve out 10 minutes of your day for this. Thenanigans, who can't keep its attention on anything longer than ooh a kitty..wait, um, yeah, you should watch this. It's about the most swell thing we've run across in some time.

NOW IT CAN BE REVEALED: Which Springfield is The Simpsons' Springfield?

IF YOU AREN'T MAD YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION: As you rush to finish your taxes, consider this.

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic!



OMFG OF THE DAY: This makes my pieces parts crawl up inside me and shrivel up.

DON'T BE LIKE THIS GUY: At least he'll have a great story for the big house.

FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF DUH: The not-so-secret truth about homophobes.


IRAN IS GIVING CHINA A RUN FOR IT'S MONEY: They don't like the interwebs so they're making their own.

THE OC: We can thank this part of SoCal for the happiest place on earth AND Doritos.

ACADEMIC KERFLUFFLE OF THE DAY: When scientists get cheesed off.