Caravaggio's demise and the weiner-stuffed crust.

BIG BOY COMMANDS THEE: nom+nom+nom(source)

OH NOES: I'm pretty sure this right here could break the interwebs.

DOUBLE PLUS UNGOOD: China is still operating like it's 1984.

DROOLING: Yes please.



Photographer Federico Chiesa has reimagined classic 80's horror movie figures 30 years on. There's something strangely poignant about these pictures.

HYBRIDS: Having read this, I am glad I've decided to wait until the auto industry comes up with an alternative that makes a substantive difference where it comes to fossil fuel consumption. I just don't believe that the cost of the hybrids is worth the mpg specs at this time.

CLIMATE CHANGE: It's getting hot in here.

RADIOACTIVE ABALONE? This is sad if not unexpected.



ART HISTORY MYSTERY OF THE DAY: Was a hit put on Caravaggio?

TALLY HO: Gotta love this.

UFO COVER UP OF THE DAY: Courtesy of NASA. Excuse me while I grab that salt lick.



SITE OF THE DAY: A compendium of wrong. Yes, perspective and hindsight an all that, but it's still fun to be reminded of just how far off the mark predictions and criticisms can be.

THENANIGANS UPDATE: Bully gets an PG13 rating after a re-edit.

THE ANSWER IS YES: We are gleefully speeding down the expressway to oblivian.