The origin of the huddle and the stone cold fox.

STONE COLD FOX: (source)

BUT FOR THE GRACE OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER: I could totally see myself ending up in a situation like this. I'm not proud.

HEY LADIES: Looking to hit it out of the ballpark  for your sports-lovin-guy this Christmas? Here you go.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: And I point and laugh.

OOPS: Also, hilarity. Glad I'm not him.


Stranger by Latryx.

STFU OF THE DAY: This. And this. Mind your own business and stop meddling with the lives of others.

IT MIGHT BE FINE FOR BUDDHA: But here's one more reason to lose that beer gut fellas.

CONGRATULATIONS OF THE DAY: Uh, I guess this is a good thing.  Jiminy.


“Gripp, Mathew, [Nathan] Lahn, Troske — Gallaudet U” (1920)

This photo from the National Archive features four determined looking men from the football team of Gallaudet University, the first college for the deaf. They are credited with inventing the football huddle in order to keep their plays secret from the opposing team. History blows my mind on a daily basis.

THE COST OF OBSTRUCTIONISM: So much for fiscal conservatism.

'MURICA! Sigh. Cue the whining about religious intolerance in

FROM THE TOTALLY NOT A SURPRISE DEPARTMENT: Let's see the corn lobby try to spin this.



I have no idea what this is but it looks pretty much exactly like a monster I used to doodle back in elementary school.

THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG OF THE DAY: One more reason I'm inclined to hate most people.

I have no idea what this is but it looks a lot like a monster I used to doodle when I was in Elementary School.