Bertold Wiesner's family tree and the sides of arch.

Because going back to work is about as much fun as smelling deviled eggs that have been left out on the table overnight, there's thenanigans. MOUNTAINS AT SEA:


THENANIGANS UPDATE: About Russia's so-called zombie guns...

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? In nearly every aspect of our daily lives we rely on computers. From the most trivial of tasks to the most important imaginable. So what happens when computers screw up? Who is keeping tabs? We are. And this a very bad thing.

THE TITANIC WAS NOT UNSINKABLE...and 4 other busted myths about the great big boat that went down 100 years ago.

...THE ARISTOCATS. birth+of+a+web+meme.(source)

I predict the interwebs will be full of this puss shortly.

YOUR SOCIO-ECONOMIC TERM OF THE DAY: Slumburbs. As in, this is what America has to look forward to.

JUST A REMINDER: Do you use Facebook? Do you have loads of FB friends? Are you constantly seeing updates for the various apps that they use on your newsfeed? And do you share personal information with them? Then you no longer have any privacy. TA-DA! You probably already realized that. Maybe you don't care.

ODOMETER READING OF THE DAY: For sale, 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente, 576,000 miles, one owner.




PEEK BEHIND THE CURTAIN: This article on a former member of Scientology offers a tantalizing view of what goes on in the organization. Wow. Just wow.

BERTOLD WIESNER'S FAMILY TREE: It makes a sequoia look like a seedling. This is just creepy. Bertold founded a fertility clinic. Guess where this is going?

EXPLOSIVE BASKET: One little boy found something other than peeps and chocolate bunnies on his Easter Egg hunt.



LOVE HURTS: Especially when it gets all stabby.

TO DO LIST OF THE DAY: Yours probably doesn't have "find human head" on it.

ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER? Or something. Whatever it is, maybe they should have made this announcement a while back.

SITE OF THE DAY: Text from dog.