In a world full of dumb people, thenanigans points and laughs.

In a world full of dumb people, thenanigans points and laughs. THERE HE IS!


JUST SHUT UP ALREADY: State legislatures are getting tired of all those pesky citizens and their concerns about, well, things that affect them. I realize that I come off like a broken record, but you will never be able to compete with corporate interests when it comes to the people who control our governments. And yes, I find this loathesome.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: Dude, you ruined a perfectly good piece of fiberglass.

WOOF BADGE: Dog Scouts of America. This is a thing.



NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OH HELLS NO: Way to eff up a brand. Somewhere Sean Connery is beating up his wife at this news. Too much? Sorry. (Before you freak out too much, check this)

ARCHAELOGY NEWS OF THE DAY: The Mayans are known for wicked-cool architecture and doomsday calendars. They also made guns before anyone else. Mostly.

WE ARE HOSED: This really is fairly disconcerting.



I SEE DUMB PEOPLE REDUX: Why are none of my Facebook friends like this?

H8 IS EXPEN$IVE: This public school district is going to have to spend a whole lot of money to defend themselves against this suit. I hope and fully expect them to lose. And so are these guys.

THENANIGANS UPDATE: The NYC public school system comes to its senses. For the time being.



The late, great Dizzy Gilespie.

SUPER DUDE OF THE DAY: He's a supremely talented actor (you've seen this haven't you). He's one of the most stylish guys out there. And apparently, he's a lifesaver too.

ICE CREAM ALERT OF THE DAY: The most basic (and most popular) flavor is in short supply. You might want to stock up now.

I'M NOT BUYING THIS FOR A MINUTE: And I mean that figuratively AND literally. I looked everywhere for an April 1st date stamp, to no avail. Slightly NSFW.


If you live someplace where the population of these geese has exploded in recent years, you are well aware of just how nasty they can be. They crap everywhere, which creates a particularly messy pedestrian hazard. They don't seem to care about automobiles, choosing to take their time crossing busy thoroughfares with not one **** given.  And yes, they will attack passersby. I'm an animal loving type of guy, but I have no problem with population control measures where these geese are concerned.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE TRIFECTA: It was a recipe for failure from the start.

PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP: Ladies, please stop messing up your faces.