The Rainbow Blaster and the walking disaster.

WE PUT YOU OVER THE HUMP ON HUMP DAY: Just remember - when your day to day activities conspire to drive you over the edge, thenanigans is here to save you. Or at least give you something else to focus on for a spell. NIGHTFIRE:


Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano is among the most active in the world. Patrick Taschler found himself near the volcano back in 2006 as it was gettingr eady for an eruption. Talk about perfect timing. Stars, lava, ash, and more combine for a spectacular image. Get the story and see the image in all it's glory here.

LYING LIARS: This will come as a surprise to few people who actually payed attention to what was going on at the time. You know, all those people who marched against a pointless war and were pilloried by the mainstream media for their efforts.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: It's important that you know exactly who is trying to take away the last vestiges of privacy that you have.

REAR WINDOW REDUX: This is spiffy.

FOR THE RECORD: If I ever catch you, yes you, sporting a pair of these, I will make it my life's mission to make sure that you rue the day you sold your soul to the demons of bad taste. That is not hyperbole.

THEN THERE'S THIS: OMFG kill it with fire! That woman is a walking humanitarian disaster.

INFOGRAPHIC OF THE DAY: I see what you did there. Also, I'm hungry.



A friend of mine googled "why are bats so cute?" This is the first thing that popped up. These little orphaned bats could not be any more adorable. I especially love the wisenheimer with the vuvuzela.

THE 1%: As CEO compensation continues to explode, economists warn about the danger to our economy. This is an interesting read. And by interesting I mean depressing.




BAD IDEA OF THE DAY: Apparently, some of the Fab Four's offpring want to make everyone really unhappy. BTW, back in the day Paul McCartney might have been the "cute" Beatle, but his son James got ferociously clobbered by the ugly stick. Seriously, cannot be unseen.

INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE: This is a sobering article regarding the security of devices you probably use on a daily basis.I guess I have to think that this is entirely plausible.

NOT YOUR GRANDMA'S COOKBOOK: This is something. Some people might call it a game-changer?* Then there's this - who knew the illustrated manuscript scribes were so snarky?


Unbelievably, the driver of the big rig survived his rolling experience down the hill.

*Note the date of publication.