Little Prince Harry and the worst smell in the world.

HEY, AT LEAST IT NOT WORK: From bumpers to blowhards, there's a whole lot to appease your noggin today. You'll find ladies in distress, tweets worth your time, signs of the times and loads more. THE INSIDE VIEW:


YOUR THING OF THE DAY: Bumpers. They're not for your auto. They are for your enjoyment.

YES PLEASE: I'd drink this. Might have to find me some!

YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG: Rioting after your favorite sports team win or loses is so tired. I guess I just have no patience for it. Grow the hell up.


This right here is so effing rad.

MUGSHOT OF THE DAY: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Yikes. Then there's this - which is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Is it possible to airbrush teeth? Nasty.



Meet Prince Harry. He's a baby pygmy hippo. And, he's adorable.

P TO THE U: Introducing the worst smell in the world. We have our defense department to thank for this.

TWITTER FEED OF THE DAY: The Titanic's doomed voyage in real time.

STAINED ICE: Why yes, you CAN see penguin poop from space.



This is from a clever series of classic Hitchcock movies reimagined as Nintendo video game covers. You can peep other examples over here.

I'M JUST GOING TO GO AHEAD AND SAY IT: The Donald is an idiot. More to the point, he is an irresponsible asshat who is spreading ignorant baloney that is harmful to children, families and our communities. That feels better.

D'OH: Well that's just embarrassing. There are so many jokes one could make here. For once, there will be restraint.



PDA OF THE DAY: Their parents must be so proud. I laughed out loud at this. Looks like the subject of their affection did too.

APP OF THE DAY: Dr. Doolittle approves of this. All snark aside, this really is something.

OH NO SHE DI-INT: A woman scorned.