BACK TO THE GRIND: Admit it. You so DO NOT want to be at work today. When you aren't thinking about the big game tonight, feel free to spend some satifying time here. We've got lots to keep you occupied. GIDDYUP!


STUDENT LOANS: This might just blow your mind. Because mine is reeling. I had no idea. This is SO NOT what you think it is.

MOTHER NATURE...She's got a sense of humor. A mean and nasty sense of humor.

HIPPITY HOPPITY: The unauthorized biography of the Easter Bunny. Then there's this.



GRANDPA'S MOON: This smiling moonman belonged to my grandfather. It is about 10 inches in diameter and it is heavier than it looks.

ACTIVIST JUDGES: Funny how you don't hear so much about them anymore. This is interesting. Not to mention depressing.


PORN-FOLIO: Just when you think that Goldman Sachs cannot receive any worse publicity than what's been flung their way, we learn this. Wow. Just wow. I can't even make any snarky jokes about this.



TRUMPET FANFARE: Congratulations Arizona! You are officially more effed up than Florida. That is quite the achievement.

PUT AWAY THE PICTURES: Your kid isn't nearly as adorable as you think.

ADDING INSULT TO INJURY: In the aftermath of the horrendous earthquake that struck Haiti, western aid agencies brought a cholera outbreak and death to thousands. This is a fairly dreadful report.



UGH: These people again?

OH THAT'S NASTY: Drumsticks for everybody!

OILS WELL THAT ENDS WELL? A bleak outlook on where America might be heading in its quest for fossil fuels. 



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