Everybody knows that the bird is the word.


This is Cookster. He is one of my favorite feelines. He's pretty much got the one tooth and a whole crap-ton of not one feck to be given. Love him. My friend Sarah took this picture. You should head on over to her nifty blog if you are a lady looking for smart, sophisticated style OR if you're a dude with a lady who does. Just saying. It's pretty terrific.

STAY TUNED: There's a huge buzz building surrounding something the Mar's Curiosity Rover has discovered. Here's some background information with a theory of what's going on.

OH THAT'S NASTY: The Thanksgiving edition.



This looks like something you would see hanging at the Tate Modern. I'd hang it on my wall were it available in a nice framed print. But it's actually a satellite photo of the Tibesti Miountains - aka - Mountains Of Hunger, in the North Africa's Sahara Desert. Stunning.

I HATE TO BE A PARTY POOPER: I loved the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was a wee lad. But it's devolved into a shameless plug for sponsored events and corporate crud. Yes, the balloons are pretty cool, but is that really what we want to be wasting a limited natural resource on? You know that we're running out of helium, right?

DON'T TELL FAUX NEWS: There really might be a war on Christmas. Or something. Personally, I'm thinking people might finally be getting fed up with the consumerism-on-steroids spectacle that the holiday has become.


Stolen from a friend's Facebook page. These days that bird wouldn't be fit for a T-Day dinner. Things have changed.

THE T-DAY FEAST: How old school do you want to go?

WE REALLY AREN'T THAT DIFFERENT: Even chimps go through mid-life crises. 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: This bullshit needs to be stopped in it's tracks. I'm going to be blunt: I don't care about your religion. It shouldn't impact my life. If you don't want to do your job, find a new one. It's that simple. You wouldn't dream of doing this  to a mixed race couple. The decision someone make regarding who they choose to marry has absolutely NO IMPACT on your life. And evangelicals wonder why young people are moving away from religion.

SO THIS HAPPENED: I love the look on that guy's face.