cowabunga monkeyhuffers.

DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT...the cats, the fox and the bald eagle? This is not a joke. This is Alaska. This is exactly the kind of action I want on my back porch.

VIGILANTE JUSTICE: It's never the best solution, especially when you get your facts wrong. Spike Lee has stepped in it this time.

THE WAR ON HOODIES: Oops. In the future, you should probably make sure that your marketing department is paying attention to what your talking heads are spewing.



This striking image is from an article featuring photographs from abandoned buildings and properties around the world.

NINE LIVES: Last week I posted a story about a kitteh that survived a fall from the nineteenth floor of a building. Want to know why cats can do this? Creationists are not going to like this.

THIS SEEMS COMPLETELY REASONABLE: Not. There's a reason certain people rail against political correctness.




WHAT SOME PEOPLE WILL avoid having to work. Sheesh.

ROTTEN TO THE CORE? The more we learn about the Murdoch empire, the uglier they get.



FISH FARTS: Wait til you find out how we know this.

YES PLEASE: This is relevant to my interests. Thenanigans is particularly interested in the first gadget in this article.

MORE OF THIS PLEASE: I love the response this kid received to his coming out post.



The MPAA is an organziation that answers to noone. But they wield tremendous power. If you haven't seen "This Movie Is Not Yet Rated," you should. And to find out just how bad the MPAA is, check this out.

WHO KNEW? That Dave Mustaine was such an asshat. I mean, besides Metallica?

IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: You wont find this mentioned in the Airline magazine located in the seat pocket in front of you.

FRACKING: If it's safe and everything, then what's this all about?

A DIFFERENT KIND OF WELCOME HOME: Last time it was a boxer. This time? A pack of wolves!