Fatso and the dog on the run.

THE LYNX & THE MOON: (source)

WELL THIS IS TERRIFIC: In the pantheon of nasty diseases that scare the bejiminies out of me, Ebola ranks right up there with the Hantavirus. So you can imagine how much I love hearing about this.

EMAIL FOR DUMMIES: Someone better send a copy to the Taliban, stat. Also, hilarious.



Green Sea Turtle by Harish Tyagi. There is something alien about that face. Love it.

A REMINDER: While certain groups continue to demonize teachers and the work they do, it's nice to be reminded about the amazing things they do and the impact they make on kids. This woman absolutely rocks.

LET'S MAKE ONE THING CLEAR: There is no such thing as personal privacy. For many people who have supported the recent incursions into our collective online and public information streams, they've served up the argument that  "if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about"? Besides the fact that the constitution does not allow for that caveat, I'm not sure that, given the state of things, I can agree with that anymore. Then there's this.



CONTEST OF THE DAY: Thenanigans is not allowed to enter. But you can. This is a pretty sweet timepiece. Yes, I'm a bit jealous.

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: As if you need one more reason to stay the heck away from the Wal-Mart, here you go.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: Thank You Australia. Thank you!



Some talented graphic designer re-imagined classic Penguin paperbacks inspired by lyrics by The Smiths.

COMMENCE SNICKERING IN 3...2...1: The numerous ways we harm our pieces parts. 

GET OFF MY LAWN! Once upon a time, I had a smidgen of respect for this man. Those days are long gone.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BITCH SLAP OF THE DAY: Angela Merkel gets all up in Putin's grill. Full marks ma'am. Full marks.