civic duty

THENANIGANS GOES TO JURY DUTY: thenanigans debated adopting an Eric Cartman attitude before remembering that people in his community know him from his day job. So, that was out. Option two: abject normality. MARS HAS CLOUDS:


Yes, these are Martian clouds. Click the link for the details.

THE LENGTHS SOME PEOPLE WILL GO foist their beliefs on everyone else. This right here is despicable.

HOORAY: Popcorn isn't bad for you. In fact, it can be pretty good! Of course, once you start putting butter on it, POOF goes the goodness.

TRY NOT TO LAUGH: I double dog dare you.

HAS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE ALREADY BEGUN? This is creepy and weird. Then again, we just may end up with a follow up story debunking the whole thing in a day or so. For now though...

TOURIST DESTINATION OF THE DAY: I'd like to go here please.

SITE OF THE DAY: Things could always be worse. At least for your sake (yes, you) I hope so.



SMILE FOR THE CAMERA: This carries the whiff of desperation.

CREEPY CRAWLIES: There are more of them creeping and crawling about these days. Oh goodie.

VENICE IS SINKING: This is not a news flash. It's been happening for over a hundred years. Maybe more. What's news is that it's sinking much faster than anyone had expected. And it is a story that reminded me of this terrific song from a Canadian band called Spirit Of The West.

OOPS: I bet these guys would like a mulligan on that decision right about now. Good grief.

CASH MOBS: The newest way to support local businesses. More of this please.