Masai cricketeers and the foul-mouthed legos.

IT'S A MONDO SERVING TODAY:  I don't even know where to start. Seriously. There is so much interwebs goodness here. FACEPLANT OF THE DAY:


Want to see more of this baby elephant playing in the surf? Of course you do.

STATISTIC OF THE DAY: I guess I'm a little disappointed that certain percentages aren't higher. Also, surprised that they aren't lower.

UNWELCOME TREND OF THE DAY: When was your last raise? Also, Marie Antoinette.

P.T. BARNUM WAS RIGHT: A fool and his money...


This is not a Hollywood special effect. This is the real deal. And, reportedly, nobody was injured, let alone killed in this spectacular crash.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: You don't say...

THENANIGANS UPDATE: The other day I posted a story about Sweden's move towards a cashless society. Apparently, Greece is already doing some of that too. Exotic dancers around the globe shudder at the thought.



I love this series of television characters represented via the world's favorite plastic building blocks.

CONSEQUENCES #1: The bottled water edition. I hadn't considered this.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: As in, dumb as a box of rocks. Also, JAILBRD.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: You're doing it wrong.



CONSEQUENCES #2: The choosing sides edition. Looks like the famous pink ribbon is pretty tattered right about now.

I ADMIT IT: I like our President. Here's one reason why.

CRAIGSLIST ITEM OF THE DAY: Norville Rogers wants his ride back.



I don't get cricket. And I mean I literally don't understand the sport. I've listened to no small amount of BBC reports on the game. I've had a friend (over here) who has spent time in India and played cricket try to explain it to me. It just never takes. But I can say without hesitation that if I ever get the opportunity to see Masai warriors play a match, I will be there.

CONSEQUENCES #3: The cutting in line at the gas station edition.

THE REAL THING: Soda - apparently it's losing its fizz.




CONSEQUENCES #4: Thenanigans update edition. I did NOT expect this. The Saints get a beat-down from the NFL.

IT'S COME TO THIS: First they squabbled at the symphony and i snickered. And now....fisticuffs over a literary argument. We are becoming a nation of haters.

LUMBERJACKS: They're not the only ones that are into logging these days. I had no idea.