Class and manners and words to live by.

JUST HANGIN' (source)

OOPS: Looks like Turd Blossom might be in a bit of a trouble with the authorities. 

POMPOUS CIRCUSPANTS: The ridiculously over-exposed story about a once-highly regarded 4 star General and his peccadilloes is getting more strange by the moment.

FURTHER EVIDENCE...that this whole Voter ID law stuff is all about voter supression.



WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG: We're going to Florida for this one, natch.

NOW THIS IS A FISCAL CLIFF: Facebook's poor stock performance is about to go from bad to worse.

STONING IN THE 21st CENTURY: Social Shaming is the latest interactive spectator sport.



MANNERS AND SOCIAL GRACES AND SUCH: Sometimes I write stuff on other parts of the interwebs. This is one of those sometimes.

BACKING SLOWLY AWAY: Apparently, when you've been busted for doping, the foundation that has your name no longer wants anything to do with your name.

THIS RIGHT HERE: She's right, of course.



THE FRESHEST CONTROVERSIES: One high profile Pizza CEO is having a crummy week.

SOUR GRAPES: So if Willard had won would he have admitted that it was because of the gifts received by the billionaires who funded all of the ads against President Obama?

THIS IS NOT GOOD: Here we go again. Hold on folks.