Spring has sprung.


THIS RIGHT HERE: Read it. Today. Share it. This piece encapsulates so much of what has worried me about our collective future. Right here. It's important. Yes, there's a whiff of elitist attitude here, but damn if it ain't what's called for.



SPEAKING OF SHAKESPEARE: What did a Shakespeare production sound like when Shakespeare was alive? Some helpful scholars in the UK have something to say about that.

IT PAYS TO ENRICH YOUR WORD POWER: Your word for today is faptivism.

EUROPE IN THE IRON AGE: Where frat houses came from.



GET OFF MY LAWN: Kids these days have it soooo good. I'm sure that if I put my mind to it I could assemble a list that would take things back even further. But that would show my age. So, uh, nevermind.

READING IS FUNDAMENTAL: When I was a kid, libraries were my refuge from the world at large. I've always been a voracious reader. I always have a book going. Reading has provided me with adventures far beyond what can be found at a multiplex. This is why I support organizations like The Learning Lab. And it is why news like this strikes close to home: poor reading skills are hazardous to your health.

HELIUM: We don't have much left. And what we have is being squandered on party balloons leaving us without any for more important things. Like your next MRI.


RED from RED on Vimeo.

This is something. Also, not for the squeamish.

CITIZENS UNITED: The kick in the balls that resulted from the worst United States Supreme Court decision in a generation (aside from that whole Bush/Gore fiasco) continues to add insult to injury.

MONEY MONEY MONEY: Here's something I learned yesterday. Sweden was the first country to introduce paper money. It looks like they are going to be the first country to eliminate it as well. Actually, they are going cashless.

WAR GAMES: So does this mean we can stop gearing up for another stupid war in the Middle East?



There's more of this to be found over here. I'm so totally ADHD - I can't stop looking at this stuff.

WATCHING YOU WATCH ME? I don't give a crap about 3D TV's. And I sure as s**t don't want one that watches me back. That's just getting too close to Fahrenheit 451 for my tastes. (Thanks to Kenn Bass for the tip.)

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Where's the hottest market for haunted houses? New Orleans? London? New England? Nope. Hong Kong! (Thanks to my pal Kelly Sturdy for the tip!)

WHAT YOU TALKING 'BOUT ORVILLE? Biplanes have come a long way since the first flight at Kitty Hawk.