Here we have thenanigans.

HERE WE HAVE THENANIGANS: As common sense crumbles around us (what's your legislature done to you today?), dive in for a pleasant (mostly) diversion. We're serving up hot buzzes and warm whiskers, lying liars and happy endings, and the perils of pink slim. We'll bust the myth of gas price control and shine a light on the worst part of American politics. Of course, there's more. KEEP AMERICA CLEAN...DOWN THERE:


Yes, propaganda posters included campaigns against STD's. More here.

HOT BUZZ: Bees. Do NOT **** with them.

PET SOUNDS: Your four legged friend loves music. Just not yours.

LYING LIARS: The guy that lied about Apple's Chinese tech suppliers has a track record of this kind of crap.


ahmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on+the+edge+of+my+seat.(source, source)

SO THIS HAPPENED: Thenanigans approves.

PINK SLIME: Big Beef strikes back. Then there's this.

CORRECTIONS OF THE DAY: Well this is embarrassing.


I'm pretty sure I would give up many of the "necessities" of life to do this kind of work. I think I figured out what I want to be when I grow up. It's about damn time.

WELL ALRIGHT THEN: Have fun with that. Don't get into any trouble.

THERE OUTTA BE A RULE: I know that my libertarian pals would disagree with me but I believe that we need to put an end to the role of lobbyists in our political process. Here's one reason why.

HITLER'S BUNKER: The Los Angeles edition. Who knew?



LOST IN TRANSLATION: Who knows, maybe I'm missing something?

THERE ARE VERY BAD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD: This really is frightening.



The President of the United States doesn't control gas prices. So, let's just drop that nonsense once and for all. And yes, that goes for everybody on all sides.

NOT VERY PEACE-LIKE: One of the African women who claimed last year's Nobel Peace prize should be stripped of it. I can only hope that her life gets very uncomfortable very quickly.

MEANWHILE IN IDAHO: Here we go again. Sigh. I can't say that I'm surprised but I am disappointed. Times have certainly changed. This kind of behavior no longer seems to fall too far outside the mainstream of one political party that comes to mind.


There's so much to love about this except for Snowy herself. Blech.