Putting the GIF in TGIF!



THENANIGANS UPDATE: The octogenarian food critic in Grand Forks North Dakota who penned a review about the town's new Olive Garden publishes a letter about her experiences since the review went viral. This story just took into David Lynch territory: "P.S. This, too, shall pass. I soon will take my hammer named Margo and go down to the river."

WELL THIS IS S***TY: Have you heard about the fastest growing unpleasant way to die?

YAHOO? Not so much. In their headlong rush to obscurity, they decide to kill the internet. Nice work, trolls.



SPIES: It's not all fun and games. Especially for their families.

FILL 'ER UP: There's been a lot of talk about who is to blame for the price of gasoline and what some Presidential candidates promise to do about prices under their hypothetical administrations. Most of it is garbage. If you've paid any attention at all you know that prices always spike this time of year as refineries switch blends for the summer months. You also know that the issues with Iran are causing prices to rise. Then there's this.

EVIL INCARNATE: Syrian's President Assad is a supreme example of the worst of humanity. More here. Plus, he has pretty terrible taste in music.



CARS: Now with cheat codes. For reals.

THE MOST DRAMATIC EXIT EVER? Not to make light of a sad situation (no comments please) but when you choose to toss your mortal coil in such a spectacularly gruesome manner, you were looking for some kind of attention. I'm just saying.

LYING LIARS: Doesn't the Bible say something about this?

MORE OF THIS PLEASE: I'm not sure about their chances for success, but I wish them the best of luck.



From one of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen Delicatessen you really should.

DAMMITALLTOHELL: Blast. I pretty much knew this but it's still a bummer. Mostly.

FISTICUFFS: Apparently this wasn't orchestrated.

THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS: Except when it doesn't. This is a story about how one man cleaned out Atlantic City's big casinos. Thanks to my pal Stephen Kallao (former jock at 100.3 The X) in Milwaukee for this.

UGH: I don't think I can describe the disdain I have for these guys. On the other hand, this woman scores points in my book.

THE FLIRTING FAB: Paul was a cheeky monkey.


RIGHT BACK AT YA: We are going to be seeing a whole lot more of this. And I for one am wildly amused. Frankly, they have a point.

UNJUST JUSTICE? A piece worth reading about our questionable history of incarceration in America.

LUXURY YACHTS: They are SO last century.



The follow up to the popular book "All My Friends Are Dead" is now available. Find it here.