Got Bracket?

THE MADNESS IS UNDERWAY: Scholarly social media, the end of our world, Uganda's reaction to the KONY video, when photo-ops go horribly wrong, explosions in the sty, trailer trailers, frictionless sharing and more.EL SOL:


The sun has been going through a particularly rambunctious period of activity over the past few days. Get the story on this incredible photo of what may be the last big blast for a while over here.

SO THIS HAPPENED: Your next scholarly work can cite tweets with this helpful update from the MLA. Every English teacher I ever had is woebegone at the thought.

EXISTENTIAL READ OF THE DAY: Are we understimating our chances at extinction?



OOPS: This is just terrible (snicker). No really, it's sad (guffaw). For reals (snort). Yes, I realize I am going to hell. Thanks for pointing this out.

KONY 2012 UPDATE: This video may have captured the world's attention, but the folks actually living in Uganda don't think much of it. In fact, they're pretty cheesed off about the whole thing. Then there's this: the great white savior complex.



EXPLOSIONS IN THE STY: Not only are hog farms smelly, they're explody too. No that's not a real word. Deal with it.

NO THANKS: I feel a little pretentious toting around my iPad as it is without one of these. I would so give someone the side-eye if I caught them with one.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG: Lots, actually. And the folks at Monsanto somehow failed to imagine any of it happening. 



GET IN MY BELLY: This will be coming to a breakfast plate near me soon.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH: What. The. Hell!?! Seriously, this is just wrong.

CONSEQUENCES: When you've led a good portion of the West into a costly and unjust war based on lies, people have a hart time letting that go.  Oh Canada, you get two thumbs up today.



RULES: The Nazis had lots of them. And when it came to jazz musicians, they were quite explicit.  This is fascinating and, of course, chilling. If you'd rather LISTEN to the rules than read them, Canadian musician Hugh Marsh set said guidelines to music once upon a time with the help of Robert Palmer and Lisa Dalbello.

TWO WORDS: Jurassic Park. I'm just sayin.' Not that I wouldn't love to see some of these roaming the world.

FRICTIONLESS SHARING: This is precisely why I never log into anything via my Facebook log-in that isn't actually Facebook. Nobody needs to know that I listen to ABBA or MEAT LOAF on Spotify. Oops.

IT'S COME TO THIS: Movie trailers are getting their own trailers.