Putting the GIF in TGIF

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! HOW I FEEL AFTER A WORK OUT: Also, Tuesday night.

THEIR SECRET IS OUT: The people who donated millions of dollars to sway this election just want America to become a plutocracy. And they can't understand why they can't make that a reality.

WHAT YOU MISSED: There is more going on in the world than our election and the disasters from Hurricane Sandy and Storms Athena and Brutus. You need to get caught up.

THIS, EXACTLY: I fully realize that by signaling my approval of this essay, I am in danger of yelling "Stay offa my lawn." Nonetheless, I do.


I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: 'Murica! Hate begins at home. Then there's this.

HORSESHIT: This. Why don't they just force people to work 24/7/365?

CONSEQUENCES: Up in the great white north, no hockey = no beer sales.

OOPS: Well this is just, uh, well it really kind of sums everything up doesn't it?


OFFERED WITHOUT COMMENT: And you have no idea just how hard this is.  Scroll down the page a bit for the meltdown.

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic.

THE VERY HORRIBLE AND UNFRIENDLY SKIES: Whatever you do, don't fly this airline.