The snowboarding possum and the room of clouds.

The Cloud Room the+cloud+room

Artist Berndnaut Smilde is a whiz with science and art. He creates man made clouds that exist for a brief period of time. It's temporary art. Lucky for us, he takes pictures too. See a much more satisfying larger image right over here.

YOU TWO ARE SO GROUNDED! I can't for a minute even begin to imagine what their parents are thinking right about now.  After all, they don't make 13th century Gothic castles anymore.

POLICE BLOTTER ITEM OF THE DAY: Take away quote: "Police say several other buggies fled the scene."



WAIT, WHAT? I'm not sure what this is all about but it makes me question him even more. Then there's this.

THE ELEPHANT WHISPERER: The man who saved the Bagdad Zoo was the subject of a special remembrance yesterday on NPR. Now if you'll excuse me, thenanigans has to remove something from its eyes...



That spacious room above is not what it seems. This incredible example of macro-photography is actually the inside of a violin. This nearly blows my little mind. You really should click here to see the rest. Outstanding.

THE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT DOGHOUSE: Once upon a time a twelve year old wrote the world's greatest architecht and asked him to design a doghouse for his four-legged friend. This is what happened.

BUTT OUT: An interesting thing happened when Scotland banned smoking in all public places. This should not come as a surprise.



THE MORE WE LEARN ABOUT THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE...the more my nose wrinkles at the thought. More importantly, there's this (hint: it's not going to make a difference in the price of gas here in America).

KONY 2012: This thing is redefining the idea of "going viral." The more I learn about the people behind this video, the more problems I have with the whole thing. Yes, this Kony guy is evil. But this whole enterprise is not helping the medical aid movement around the world.



THEN THERE'S THIS: In Iraq they are killing kids for being kids. Remind me why we committed so much of our financial resources and lost so many American military personnel to this place? Because I really have a hard time understanding the justification even today.

VACATION TIME: Apparently, the Swiss said no thanks to six weeks of it each year. PAID. What is wrong with those people?


Everything you've heard about PDX is true.