I want that hour back. Right now.

SPRING FORWARD MY SHINY WHITE HINEY: The latest buzz about bees, a secret about wine that will make your wallet smile, nuts and more nuts, the life of a celebrity, snow-kitteh, the problem with windbags and more. ACCIDENTAL ADVERTISING:


STORE WARS! It's back. It's a different kind of Mad Marchness bracket.

I'LL DRINK TO THAT: Here's a secret about wines that you definitely don't want to share with your favorite sommelier.

ONE MORE REASON TO EXPECT BEES: Not only do they make it possible for us to eat the fruits and vegetables we love, and in addition to the fact that they literally make life sweeter, they just might have personalities.



KNOW YOUR NUTS: So that's where cashews come from. I just learned a little something.

SPEAKING OF NUTS: It might just be time for this woman to back slowly away from the microphone. Any microphone. Ever again. At the very least, she needs some common sense.

SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN OF THE DAY: Identify your target voter. Make them feel good about themselves. Win. Genius.


tail up.(source)

THE FIRST RULE OF FACEBOOK: Don't let your first wife find out about your second wife. Facebook's bots are smarter than you.

CELEBRITIES: They really do get paid for doing nothing. Some people have a problem with this.

FERAL PIGS: They have no natural predators. They look demonic at night. They're invading New York. Plus, bacon.


Frank Ocean provided some of the best moments on last year's Kanye West/Jay Z collaboration Watch The Throne. It's his hooks and vocals that made tracks like "No Church in the Wild" so exhilarating.His mixtape (which you can download from a website over here) called Nostalgia, Ultra received great reviews and brought his songwriting skills to a wider audience. I'm a fan. This particular track has the Eagles' camp in an uproar for mostly understandable reasons.

I BEAR GRUDGES: There are so many things I want to say about Greta Van Susteren. Mostly they concern her freakishly reconstruced facial features and the omnipresent on said face that seems to suggest that she has something unpleasant smeared above her slips. Mostly that. Then there's this. That right there is unforgivable.

THE TROUBLE WITH RUSH: He just might be poisoning talk radio for advertisers. This is a significant development. He might be able to personally afford the loss of sponsors for his programs but that is not the case for everyone else.