Putting the GIF in TGIF!

FRIDAYS ARE ALWAYS ANIMATED 'ROUND THESE PARTS! thenanigans is supersized today.



Stephen Colbert - WTF?!?

NEW PRODUCT FAIL OF THE YEAR: You have got to effing be kidding me. This is a thing? Really?

HEY GUYS: Details matter. Number 4 is relevant to my interests.


POINTING AND LAUGHING! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha gasp choke ha ha ha ha ha! Dumnbuts.



RESTAURANT REVIEW OF THE DAY: This is a story about a restaurant review. But it's more than that. It's a story about small town America and what you may not have read between the lines. Oh, and bread sticks.

SPEAKING OF SMALL TOWNS: Politics there are the most entertaining politics of all. For example.

GOVERNMENT INACTION: This is unacceptable.  I would be lying if I said I had the confidence in our Congress to address this issue. Sigh.

FIRESIDE: Waiting for his cherry pie and coffee.


THE SOUND OF SILENCE: Rush Limbaugh  is losing advertisers, which is good news for non profits and charities who get free air time. Except that some of them are saying no thanks. No advertisers + no PSA's = dead air.

SLIDE SHOW OF THE DAY: Look who is wearing Mom Jeans!

FOREIGN POLICY QUESTION OF THE DAY: Remind me why we are still in Afghanistan?  I'm thinking that the money they get from us might be better spent. And this is only sort of a rhetorical question.



OH THAT'S NASTY: Just because you avoid fast food restaurants doesn't mean you are successfully avoiding the dreaded pink slime.

BLOGFOOD UPDATE: Looks like OBL's wives are in a bit of a pickle.

HEAD EM UP MOVE EM OUT: For the record, this is not the first story about an island nation making moves because of climate change.



FINANCIAL SPECULATORS: They ruin everything. In addition to making gas more expensive, they are driving up food prices too. Does thenanigans have issues with this? Hell yes it does.

THIS IS WHY WE ARE DOOMED: Until we deal with the problem of lobbyists in Washington DC, we are going to have serious problems addressing serious policy issues at the Federal level.

H8 IS HOW THEY ROLL: So all that stuff about loving the sinner and helping the poor is broomed in the name of hate is it? Remind me why they get tax breaks again?

THE HISTORY OF GIFS: Naturally, this is perfect for today.

ANIMAL CRUELTY: If you've got nothing to hide then you shouldn't be worried right? Apparently there's a whole lot of cruelty going on. This is just lame.

BATTLING THE BULGE? You might want to read this.

JURISPRUDENCE BOUND? You might want to reconsider that. This is not the first time I have come across an article of this nature. You have been warned.


Daytona Coleslaw-Wrestling

WHAT ECONOMIC RECOVERY? Not feeling the so-called economic ramp-up? There's a reason for that. Yup, them again.

BREEDING STUPIDLY: Congratulations Utah! You of all states should probably rethink this bit of retro-century policy.  Aside from the fact that this approach to sex-ed has been proven ineffective time and time again, there's this.

FACIAL HAIR: Do the ladies like that stuff? Science says...uh oh. Maybe it's just a British thing?