The blue cephalopod and the big wheel drift.

FRESH & HOT: Pakistan's prime-time soap opera, awesome street art, the trouble with brosiery, pandiculation,  knuckleheads and them some. Dive in, click through and feel free to share. ALTERED CHEPHALOPOD:


INCOMING! The sun has gone wonky again and we could be in for some shenanigans as a result.

IT PAYS TO ENRICH YOUR WORD POWER: The word for today is pandiculate. You do it all the time and it's good for you.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ABBOTTABAD:  If you are at all intrigued by the soap opera that was Osama Bin Ladin's life in his compound in Pakistan, this is for you. This could be the inspiration for a sit com, or, at the very least, an SNL skit.



YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME OF THE DAY: This guy right here? Dumb as a box of rocks. No fooling.

GRRRRRRRRRR: I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time not running this off the road. I realize that this doesn't reflect well on me, but c'mon...really? And the same goes for this jagweed.

KNOW YOUR INTERWEBS MEME OF THE DAY: If your Facebook feed is anything like Mr. thenanigans' then you've probably seen a whole mess of posts in the past couple days for a video called KONY 2012. You might want to read this before you get caught up in the hullabaloo.


OH HELLS NO: Alright dudes, let me make this perfectly clear. If Mr. Thenanigans catches any of you wearing this crap, he will take you out. And not for dinner. That would be at the knees. Seriously, gray-shuss.

FREELOADER OF THE DAY: I believe I have a problem with this.

THIS IS HELPFUL: Spring has sprung. Here's what guys should be wearing.


blueman painted+puss

French artist Christian Guémy aka C215 has been creating stunning art on the streets of Barcelona (for the record Mr. Blogfood's favorite city in the world) and Berlin for twenty years. You need to click this link to see them enlarged so you can appreciate the detail.

RETHINKING OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH: I'm beginning to think that maybe Canada's reputation for being nice isn't all it's cracked up to be. They are going out of their way to try to put lipstick on the pig that is tar sands oil. Plus, they are still on shaky ground for Nickelback.

MEANWHILE IN LONDON: One of my favorite authors take pen to paper and turns his attention on the host city for this summer's Olympic Games. This is an interesting read.

RACISM: Now there's a pill for that.



Shut up and enjoy the cages beasties!