The weekend is nigh.

THENANIGANS DISCLAIMER: Sarcasm is employed here on a daily basis. Also, exaggeration, hyperbole and opinions. Just so you know. YES, THIS:


It's none of your damn business. Your religion is just that, yours. The rest of us have the freedom of and from. Thank you. And this? The only explanation for this is hate.

MY. WORST. NIGHTMARE: That would be this right here (shivers).

PANTS ON FIRE: Newt flat out lies about the President. Will any journalist actually call him on it? Will he get away with it? And as the folks at FOX go into total conniption mode over gasoline prices, I think they might want to take a look at their archives and pretend that they have a modicum of self-respect. I'm just sayin'.



Kind of. Not much side protection, and you'd better hope they are the "Night Of The Living Dead" zombies and not the "28 Days Later" variety. Otherwise, yeah...

SPEAKING OF ZOMBIES: This will undoubtedly cause some consternation among the easily butt-hurt. But I'd take this class. Especially since it's an on-line endeavor. I think it would prove interesting. Want to peep the course details? Sure you do.

METEOROLOGICAL NEWS OF THE DAY: That deadly rash of tornadoes the Midwest has been suffering through recently? Welcome to the new normal thanks to climate change.


As soon as I saw this I had to check to see if it was for real. Yes, yes it is.


PATHETIC: I'm not saying that if I had $80,000 I would go hunting for Chinese businessmen, but, uh...what gives?

CUE THE RIGHTEOUS FREAK OUT: This will blow some people's minds. It's about our President's former nanny. If it's on thenanigans, you know there's more to the story.


making+flippy+floppy big+suit

(source) (source)

OH REALLY? I know that Sears is the place for tools and such, but wow.

THE TROUBLE WITH NEWSCORP: The latest development in Rupert Murdoch's UK hacking scandal - &$%#'s getting real.

HEY FELLAS: You aren't just imagining things, your missus is in fact happier when you aren't.



DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH: Clearly, this is a low point for civilization.

ART: It is relative. It's a reflection on society. It can be inspirational. It can encompass an entire movement. Often it's a celebration of the spirit. And sometimes its an effing huge rock.

DISNEY'S LATEST D'OH! Oh hey look, it's the Song Of The South for the new millenium.

STYLE: Gosling's got it.