There are only 52 shopping Days 'til Christmas.


ETHNOCENTRIC COMMENTARY OF THE DAY: This is disgusting. Also, sad, gross, unbearable, and icky.

HUMANITARIAN OF THE DAY: The Force is put to good work. Big props to George Lucas for this.

HURTLING BACKWARDS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT #1: Am I contemptuous of these people? You bet I am. This rush to embrace ignorance by a wide swath of a certain ideology is something that should be discouraged at all times.

MOOSE & SQUIRREL: Bullrockey? Rockwinkle?

OH HELLS NO: The feck? But seriously, that's some creative confectionery you got there.

KIDS THESE DAYS: Even illiterate children in Ethiopia know there way around today's high tech gizmos. This is amazing.

WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE PREDICTED HURRICANE SANDY? Uh, er, lots of scientists, actually.


DARK MONEY AND POLITICS: How things really work.

HURTLING BACKWARDS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT #2: Putin is putting is doubling down on the wayback machine.

THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS: According to a new report, just thinking about math problems triggers the area of the brain associated with pain. Boy does it.