Dang. Time to get back on the hamster wheel.

AND HERE WE GO AGAIN... fun with balls (in two parts), turning poop into power, how you can live like Fred & Wilma & Barney & Betty, when a snowy owl met a crow, fiery photography, the world's worst tourists, the new bad boys of football and more. THE OLD FISH & THE SEA:


WELCOME TO THE FUTURE: Science is figuring out a new way to create energy from sewage. This can't happen soon enough.

REAL ESTATE LISTING OF THE DAY: It would seem Dick Clark liked The Flintstones. A lot.

WHEN A SNOWY OWL COMES TO TOWN: The locals get sketched out.

BALLS: Part 1

THENANIGANS UPDATE: Last week I came across Hank the cat, a candidate for the United States Senate from Virginia. Now the claws have come out! 

THIS IS NOT AMERICA: We are rushing headlong into a complete disregard for the liberties that made our country singularly great at one point. Not so much anymore. This is sad.

TAX PLANS OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS: Wow, I did not see this coming.  Plus, Marie Antoinette.



Montreal based photographer Ben Von Wong has a new series that features fire. You can check out some of his work here and over here. I'm impressed.

SELF REFLECTION CAN BE A BITCH: Americans say that the worst tourists in the world are...AMERICANS! Having some experience traveling the world, I have to agree. Better luck next year Germany.

KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES: Hey, at least this guy is...consistent. In the meantime, if this guys gets elected President (and that is never going to happen) then you best save more than you could ever imagine for that rainy day.

UNPLUG BEFORE DRIVING? I have to be honest. I can say with absolute clarity that this is just a situation I never want to find myself in.

BALLS: Part 2


OH HELLS NO: Gentlemen, I don't belive you need me to tell you to stay the eff away from this thing. Unless you're into these kinds of things. Then, uh, have fun with that.

STFU OF THE DAY: One word: pedophilia. Given the particular history of this church, I would think that their windbags would be more careful wading into certain waters, so to speak. Then there's this.

TAINTED SAINTS: I'm sure that there are some NFL fans who have no problem with this kind of behavior. I'm not one of them. If Drew Brees was in on this then his reputation has to take a hit.