In like a ____.

THE MADNESS CAN BEGIN! Get your fill of "Happy Pills" and raging beasts, ominous suns and whining bankers, regional delicacies and political wankers along with assorted sharables and things that make you go whoa. CURVES:


CHEATER CHEATER PUMPKIN EATER: I'll just let the article's lead tease tell the tale:

People from wealthy, upper classes are more likely than poorer folks to break laws while driving, take candy from children and lie for financial gain, said a US study.

BUST OUT THE TINY VIOLINS: Cry me a river. Honeslty, I have a tough time scraping up any sympathy for these people. I have my own set of economic issues to worry about.

SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH*: Here we go again. Our world could be snuffed out by an angry sun before the year 2020. On the other hand, Mr. thenanigans can finally stop fretting over those bothersome retirement concerns.



...if I'm impressed or kind of creeped out. But since I'm a cynical bastard, I'm guessing that this is not altogether legit. Or something.

NO THANK YOU: I can't, at this point in my life, envision a scenario that would find me dining on this.

SPEAKING OF GIANT BUGS: Sometimes they're lost for all time and sometimes they come back.

THEN THERE'S THIS: Some extremely unhealthy food fare from 'round the world. In these cases, unhealthy doesn't preclude deliciousness.



RETAIL SHENANIGANS: Anonymous Target employee for the win!

HEADS UP! So...sometimes airplanes have lavatory malfunctions. You have been warmed.

ONE MILLION STFU's: Guess what ladies? You lost. Go away and stay out of other people's lives.



DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT: One more reason spelling matters.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? I am not in a position to understand what it's like to have to resort to this kind of action to stay warm.

HEY MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA: What the hell are you smoking there? Because you've got one seriously idiotic piece-of-work for a Sheriff there.

HAPPY PILLS: Check out the new single from Norah Jones, produced by Danger Mouse.

*With thanks to one of the funniest series of books I've read.