This is Halloween.


THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS: I have always had a black kitty. Which is why this story right here breaks what poor excuse I have for a heart. And contrary to what you've been told, black cats are associated with good luck all over the world. Go rescue yourself a Halloween kitty today. My first black puss was named Boo.

HALLOWEEN WIN: This guy right here. Wow.

I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS: Forget the circumstances of this particular case. The issue is one of privacy as outlined in the constitution. The police state encroaches on our society on a daily basis.


LYING LIARS: You know it's bad when the CEO of one of the biggest companies in America calls bullspit on a presidential candidate.

WAIT, WHAT? Just because you wear the uniform doesn't mean you have a brain. Jiminy.

RAKING IT IN: Remember when the airlines were hemorrhaging money and they instituted all those fees and such so they could survive? that they are profitable again, you might have a problem knowing this.


STFU OF THE DAY: If this really is how your God operates, then your religion is suspect.

THE POWER OF A FULLY OPERATIONAL MOUSE: Three words that scare me the most about this story: Star Wars VII.

THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: You know it's coming when the U.S. Marines and local police are having exercises  in preparation.


HALLOWEEN BIO OF THE DAY: This man was the epitome of evil. Also, the inspiration behind Silence Of The Lambs and Psycho.