Happy Bisextile Day!


MIGHT AS WELL LEAP, GO AHEAD AND LEAP!  Hearse humor, Icelandic pop & roll, Angelina's gam, the problems with PETA, the Mitt-sale, Cooking with Poo!, the very terrible toll air conditioners have taken on our political process and loads more. FUNNY WAGON:


LOOK WHO'S BACK: The world's most popular author announces her return with her first ever book for adults, not that she didn't already have a lock on that demographic in the first place.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MITT-MERICA: This actually happened. One of America's most famous wealthy businessmen asked regular folks to sell their stuff for his campaign.



WANT TO KNOW WHY I DON'T SUPPORT PETA? Here's one reason, among many.

COOKING WITH POO! Since 1978, a publication called The Bookseller has awarded the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year. Every year I look forward to the short list of candidates for the award. No really, I do. And yes, Cooking with Poo! is among the finalists. Other finalists include The Great Singapore Penis Panic: And the Future of American Mass Hysteria; Mr Andoh's Pennine Diary: Memoirs of a Japanese Chicken Sexer in 1935 Hebden Bridge and Estonian Sock Patterns All Around the World. Yeah, you might want to see the rest for yourself.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: When robbing a bank, details matter.


HEADS. WILL. EXPLODE. When word leaks out about this a whole lot of old white guys are going to be very, very crotchety. For reals.

POLITICAL SCIENCE ARTICLE OF THE DAY: Don't blame Super PACS or the Tea Party or George Soros for our hyper-partisan Congressional stalemate. Blame air conditioners.



THIS HAS TO STOP: At some point someone has to stand up and say no to this. Breaking promises on the backs of former employees who were promised certain benefits with an eye towards their later years is part and parcel of the collapse of the American dream. This is bullspit.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES DISPATCH OF THE DAY: Want to know what it's like being a celebrity treated to freebies at an event like the Grammy's or the Oscars? This is an eye-opener. Plus, it's funny and a little sad.


Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men charm with the video to their catchy new song.

FOOTBALL RETURNS TO GUANTANAMO: I'm sure that certain fair and balanced newspeople are going to be most outraged about this. 

LOPSIDED: Well that sucks.

INSTANT MEME OF THE DAY: Angelina Jolie's leg.