February's Penultimate Day!

FEBRUARY'S PENULTIMATE DAY: Want some FUN.? Got it! Want to know how wrestling goes down in Kinshasa? Of course you do. Want to see an excellent monster movie? For sure. That's just part of what's waiting for you, along with a political puss, some surfer pups, a couple knuckleheads, a certified genius and a couple scary toddlers.  Dive in. Click through. Get lost. YES PLEASE:


I think I just fell in love with a motorcycle. Oh sure, it's not what some guys would even consider a real motorcycle. Where are the fat tires and the thick exhaust pipe? Most mid-lfe crisis Harley dreamers woudn't give this a second glance. But I love the classic look. This new uber-fuel efficient ride from Yamaha (called the Moegi) is based on the company's very first model from 1955. Only this beauty is completely updated for this era of $4 per gallon gas. You can read more about it over here. And feel free to help reduce Mr. Nanigans's carbon footprint by picking one up for him if you feel so inclined. That would be diggity.



Belgian photographer Colin Delfosse traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo to document their particularly colorful brand of wrestling. Wrestler come to matches with their own brass bands. Witchcraft is not uncommon. Get the story and see more of the characters here. Fascinating.

OCCUPY WALL STREET: New and improved! Now with corporate sponsorships! Wait, what?

U.S.S. CHEYENNE? Wyoming is preparing for the zombie apocalypse. They want their own army, currency AND aircraft carrier. I am not even making this up. Thank you for making Idaho seem a little less crazy.



...pup number two sees his fate. Priceless.

D-BAG OF THE DAY: I spent most of my high school and college years waiting tables so this infuriates me. Plus, Marie Antoinette. I'm just saying.

OH HELLS NO: Just, no. Come on already. This is just...no. Although, imaging the play by play has its possibilities.

WHAT WERE YOU DOING AS A 16 YEAR OLD? Besides, you know...My guess is you weren't messing around with nuclear fusion. 


I rewatched Monsters over the weekend. This indie-flick about life after an invasion is a great example of a well crafted movie that looks way bigger than the budget used to make it. Good story. Solid acting. Terrific attention to detail. And, most importantly for a monster movie, believable special effects. It's available for immediate streaming on Netflix.

FUN WITH TWITTER OF THE DAY: It's funny because it's true.


HAPPY TRAILS ON THE OVERPASS: Get along lil' doggies!



SPEAKING OF STYLE: There are many reasons why I love Dappered.Com. This is merely the latest. 

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE...It's increasingly looking like we are going to be dragged into another war we cannot afford, both economically and politically.

YOUR CAT WANTS TUNA: Hank the Cat wants to be a United States Senator from hte Virgina Commonwealth.



ALSO...this kid. As in, it's only a matter of time.

SHENANIGANS: At some point, this kind of nonsense could very well prevent a certain someone from being elected President of these United States. For reals. This is so completely distasteful.

COSTA DISASTA: One cruise line is having a very, very bad year.

BLIMEY: This is a tremendously terrible and extremely awful idea.

SONG OF THE DAY: I can't get enough of these guys right now.