Soldier ants and veiled skulls

 VEILED SKULL: (source)

NOW THIS IS A NATIONAL SPORT: A gruesome, balls-0ut, culturally significant sport for a country that has been torn apart for far too long. This is something.

THIS IS WRONG: Promises broken. That's what this comes down to. Common sense and decency are tossed aside for the sake of bean counters and shareholders. Changing the rules of the game in the 4th quarter is offensive and belies the theory that businesses and corporations should be free of government regulations and oversight. I'm disgusted.

BOTTOMS UP: Stomach out.  Yikes.



WHEN FOXES GUARD THE HEN HOUSE: Shenanigans ensue. One more reason we shouldn't let big business police itself. 

AND THEY WONDER WHY WE HATE THEM ALL:  Submitted for your facepalm.

YOU THOUGHT YOUR CELL PHONE BILL WAS HIGH? You have nothing to complain about. There are more zeroes here than heaven and hell allow. Gracious.

IOKIYAR: Good grief.

 WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Ants. My god.


This right here is cray-cray: Holding the edges of the cut together, a healer places a number of ants directly on the wound. Instinctively the insects bite down directly onto the flesh and lock their jaws, sealing the cut like a medical suture.

The healer then cuts off the thoraxes and tails of the ants. The jaws remain in the skin for several days until the area is healed. Though the procedure is still being observed on the continent, it is slowly disappearing with the proliferation of hospitals and clinics.