Don't eat the plastic baby.

GET FAT: Just don't eat the plastic baby. Ever wonder how a tiger got its stripes? How much a real Death Star would cost? What every guy must have in their corner? Want to see a cabin in a most unexpected place? Or the perils of texting and walking? All of that and more is waiting for you in today's Nanigans! MARDI GRAS WEB CAM: Want to catch the action on Bourbon Street? Here you go!




THEORETICAL EXPENDITURE OF THE DAY: Some intrepid Star Wars fans at Lehigh University calculated the cost of a real world Death Star. The Emperor has more bank than you.


IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME: Pong beer. It's a light brew, natch. For the record, Mr. Nanigans opts to spend his disposable beer calories on something, erm, more sophisticated.



APPARENTLY...hate trumps help. Sigh.

HUMANS...The Uber-Predator. This is an interesting read on what we've done to other species.

NOT SO SWEET: There are many reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners, here's the latest. Ladies, this one is directed at you. There's a Santorum joke in there somewhere.

GPOY: Most days, it would seem.


YOU'RE LIVE ON TV - DON'T BLOW IT: D'oh! There really isn't any privacy anymore is there?

GUYS: This is a must read. Bookmark it. Absorb it. Embrace it.

MON DIEU! Motorists in France will now be required to carry sobriety kits. Merde.



THEY CAN DO THAT? Russian scientists successfully bring back an arctic flower that hasn't existed in 32,000 years. Applause. Now, where's my wooly mammoth?

WTF? Fruita, Colorado considers a new marketing campaign.

EUROTRASH: For the record, still a thing.



This right here is pretty cool. A rustic cabin now graces the outside wall of the Hotel Des Arts in downtown San Francisco. Manifest Destiny is an "off-site" installation courtesy of artists Jenny Chapman and Mark Reigelman. Well done.

SPEAKING OF AMBITIOUS ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS: Also impressive, even if all I can think about is pores.

WELL THAT'S SETTLED: Science figured out how the tiger got its stripes and the leopard its spots.  It involves the famous WWII decoder Alan Turing and "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis."

BOOM CHICKA CHICKA BOOM: Maybe they need to rebrand the station? Just sayin'.