Ostrich balls.

HOUND FANGS: (source)

WHAT THIS GUY SAYS: Exactly. Although I have to admit that the gladiator analogy seems pretty accurate from where I sit.

APP OF THE DAY: As a fan of thank you notes and the occasional greeting via the United States Postal Service, I believe I am going to make use of this app soon and often.

WELL THIS IS USEFUL: How to remove gum from the soles of your shoes. BOOM!



IN CASE YOU WEREN'T PAYING ATTENTION: The Taliban are pathetic cowards.

TOTALLY STUPID ASSHATS? What's your favorite substitute phrase for the TSA? Also, this.

THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS: Both my parents had or have been saddled with dementia. It is painful for all involved.  The more science learns how to deal with it the better.



ABOUT THAT AMERICAN DREAM: As Yoda might say, sliding backwards we are.  Our economic inequality ratings now equal powerhouses like Nigeria, Madagascar, El Salvador, The Dominican Republic and others. Congratulations.

LANDSCAPING 101: If there's one thing they love in the UK, it's their gardens. Even if they don'trealize why they've become so popular with local youths.

CHEATERS GONNA CHEAT: They always will, especially when we make it easy.



What about surprise boners? Zits? Buckets of blood poured on your head at high school dances?