The Gravedigger's Song.

THE GRAVEDIGGER'S SONG. Mark Lanegan possesses one of my favorite voices in rock and roll. The Screaming Trees were, to me, far more interesting that their Seattle contemporaries. And a good deal of that was due to Lanegan's unique dichotomy: his gravely, sage voice and a knack for a hook that left one sad yet so rewarded.

"The Gravedigger's Son" is the first single from Lanegan's new album. I admit that I haven't paid attention to the records he has done with Isobel Campbell (former member of Belle and Sebastion), so I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't really expecting anything but this was certainly about the last of whatever expectations I didn't have. This is relevant to my interests. This is musically muscular. This is a tip of the hat to Queens of the Stone Age (a band he has sung for) and early 4AD records. And his voice? Better than ever. This is something. Plus the video is creepily cool.

The Mark Lanegan band have just released Blues Funeral. I expect to buy mine shortly.