This is the sea.

RECIPE FOR FUN AND ENLIGHTENMENT: Log On. Click through. Enjoy. Ta da! Welcome to The Nanigans. I CAN SMELL IT.


This made me dig into iTunes to listen to this song over and over and over again. I loved this band.

LINSANITY: You media twerps are simply creating an untenable situation where this clearly talented baller will only have to deal with the inevitable backlash that erupts when people get tired of hearing and reading all the hype. Let him develop his game. Let him have some fun. Let him be himself. That is all.

THEN AND NOW: Let this be a reminder to pursue a healthy regimen of skincare as you age.

HISTORICAL DOCUMENT OF THE DAY: Future Teddy Roosevelt had a really horrible Valentine's Day in 1884. Here's his diary entry and the back story.



I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. If you are a fan and you haven't seen this yet, by all means track it down. It's on Netflix if you have that. It's on DVD. It's a phenomenally enjoyable update which manages to bring new twists to the story. And Sherlock is portrayed by a guy named Benedict Cumberbatch. For reals. Greatest. Name. Ever.


BEST IN SHOW? Really? Where I come from we call this a rodent.

THIS IS WHY I HEART THE INTERWEBS: The name of this blog says it all: Animals that do people things. Ok, to be truthful, there are many reasons, but this one is pretty good. And it makes up for this one over here. Gah.



WHAT'S ALL THIS FUSS ABOUT THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE? It comes down to something called tar sounds oil extraction. It's bad stuff. Even people who work in the industry think it's pretty foul.

WELL THIS IS HARDLY A SURPRISE: Diner at the Heart Attack Grill gets a side of cardiac arrest with his "triple bypass burger" and fries. I would feign concern but that is so not my style.

VILE AND CORRUPTED: I spent a few years working in the music biz. It's not really the most ethical place to spend one's career. Here's a perfect example. Then there's this. Sheeesh.



VALENTINE'S DAY GONE WRONG: Be careful where you take your sexy-time role-playing shenanigans.

HOW NOT TO WIN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Do stuff like this. I'm just saying.

WORST WOMAN IN THE WORLD: Congratulations Liz Trott. You are a horrible person.