Putting The GIF in TGIF

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts. OH NO YOU DIH-INT!


THIS IS NOT A RHETORICAL QUESTION: I wonder what the response would be to signs featuring quotes from the Quran?

REAL ESTATE LISTING OF THE DAY: Flies and glowing pink pig eyes included.

HISTORY WILL NOT LOOK KINDLY ON THIS ORGANIZATION: Yes, I understand that the Boy Scouts are a private organization that can do whatever it chooses. However, past and current actions will not be judged favorably by history.



I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THIS: I believe people should be able to make these decisions for themselves. 

YOU HAD ME AT HOT-TUG: I'm not normally one to take part in hot tub gatherings. I can't get the thought of people soup out of my head. But I'm pretty certain I'd throw such concerns overboard for this right here.

NEW SCHOOL TERRORISM: Al-Qaeda shifts their focus to...forest fires?



JURASSIC PARK RUSSIA: Let the cloning begin!

THIS IS HELPFUL: We're coming up on the holiday party season. Be prepared.

MIRACLE FLIGHTS: My goodness. Some people have no shame. And these aren't even politicians.



TEXAS: You can have it.  Of course, there is a deeper discussion to be had here surrounding political rhetoric and the consequences that arise from it.

THE ECONOMICS OF ENTITLEMENTS: This right here is pretty interesting. Too bad it's something that most people will never hear about.

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE OF THE DAY: With narration. It's all about the narration.